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Need customized stickers? Looks like you’re stuck with us.

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Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys; The left ear comes in a few seconds before the right ear, causing a layered effect.

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Listen to this with headphones! It sounds crazy. 

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True fans wear their favorite bands.

Pick up The Front Bottoms merch from their website!

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Open Mic Night at our Lakehouse Building this weekend! #TheFrontBottoms seemed to enjoy their surprise performance last summer. 

619 Lake Ave, Asbury Park | Sat. July 5th | 8PM

P.S. it’s two floors underneath our office space, so we’ll probably see you there ;) 

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News You Can Use Week of 6/30

In our weekly series, goes through the dregs to bring you the best in DIY focused news, tips, and advice on the topics of touring, marketing, promoting, social media, PR, & more.

1. Bandsintown’s New Manager App

Bandsintown has recently proven to be one of the fastest growing apps. With over 200,000 registered bands in their system, they have grown to much more than just a concert listing site. The new Manager App allows for geotargeting, insights and stats, and connections to your band’s social media sites. And now, you can do it all when you’re on the road! It will only continue to grow, so make sure your band is registered!

2. How to Write A Hit Pop Song

In his satirical video, comedian and Youtube star Brett Domino shows us the best methods to use when writing the next big pop song.“Remember,” he says, “always keep it sexy.”

3. 10 Ways to Ruin a Pop Song
The world of popular music can be rather specific, so when trying to come up with the next great hit, be aware of the fine line between stupid and clever. This list of ways to ruin a song includes things such as weird breakdowns and unnecessarily long intros. But remember, this only holds true for pop music! You can write as much bizarre, avant-garde stuff as you want, it just won’t sell.

4. 12 Ways to Grow Your Band’s Email List

Why is an email list better than your band’s Facebook and Twitter accounts? Because YOU completely control your email list, not a company that suddenly becomes old news when a new social media site rises up. These 12 tips can really help your band build a lasting relationship with your fans.

5. Attention to Our Canadian Friends!
The CASL anti-spam legislation has gone into effect today, July 1st! If you’re not living in Canada, you don’t have much to worry about; however our Canadian friends might have to make some accommodations. In attempts to decrease computer viruses, online fraud, identity theft, and other harmful things, the Canadian government is trying to put a strict filter on all emails they consider to be spam. This should be a positive addition, but it could have negative effects on businesses. Hopefully, this filter doesn’t get rid of your band’s weekly emails to all of your fans!

Check back every week for our weekly web roundup. Have any hot tips or web content you think is worthy? Send it our way to or link us in on Facebook.

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American Apparel Tees on Sale!


American Apparel is known for their super soft, worn in feel that makes your t-shirt an instant favorite. Hit a home-run with your fans and customers with our Men’s American Apparel 2001 T-Shirts and Ladies’ 2102 Shirts at a great price!

While supplies last. Sale applies to American Apparel Styles 2001 and 2102.

Hurry!! Offer Expires 7/2/14

To get started, click the link above and send us your order information, or call us at 866.471.3868

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The Front Bottoms - Rhode Island 

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The Four P’s of Playing Shows: POST-SHOW

BandZoogle provides us with their steps towards putting on an awesome live show.

It’s been a long night and it might finally seem as though it is time to head home. However, your work isn’t over yet. After you’ve finished your set, this moment could be the most important opportunity for your band. It is your responsibility to build relationships with your fans at the venue and behind your computer screen.

At the Venue:

Greet fans at your merch table. Once prospective buyers are looking at your merch, the inner salesperson in you should jump out and take over. It’s a great opportunity to make some money and just build relationships.

Thank the bands and thank the staff. Building relationships with fans isn’t enough. Relationships with other bands and venues can help you to secure more shows in the future. Remember, it’s all about who you know.

Don’t overstay your welcome. If the venue is closing up, make sure that the van is loaded up and you’re all ready to go. The bartenders and security guys want to go home too, so don’t leave a bad impression because you might want to play at this venue again.

Behind Your Computer Screen:

Thank everyone on your social media sites. You are one of many bands, so thanking the venue, the other bands, and your fans the day after the show can help you stand out and be remembered.

Post a photo gallery. Pictures tend to do really well on social media. Allow people to be aware of the show, don’t make it seem as though it was a super secret invite-only event that never actually happened. People who didn’t attend will be able to see what they missed, hopefully enticing them to attend your next show.

Thanks for keeping up with the Four P’s of Playing Shows. Don’t forget to check out Dave Cool’s article on BandZoogle.

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